Thursday, May 5, 2011

Latest issue in the shoppe now!

The latest issue of the Deviant Muse is in the shoppe!  My talented friend and co-deviant Lisa Easterling's gorgeous layout graces the front cover and for those of you wanting to get a bit more familiar with her, you need only proceed a few pages in to read her entertaining interview.

I must point out that I am also privileged to have one of my transformation deck cards featured this month.
I have a tremendous fear of (and distaste for) being controlled.  
I am all about embracing your individuality and 
being true to yourself!

I think one of the most wonderful things that ART allows all of us if the freedom of expression and there are many times that my art reflects that.  It's been no secret that while I thoroughly enjoy creating whimsical scenes of pure nonsense, I often use my art as therapy for myself; a sort of venue to reflect on my life and an opportunity to slow down and listen to my inner voice.
That having been said . . .

I cannot wait to share with you all the following news.
Drum Roll if you please  . . .
I have been asked to create the front cover for next month's Deviant Muse!  Hooray!
I am so flattered and so excited! I mention the art therapy up above because my proposed page will be created along the theme of listening to our inner voice. While I feel so flattered, I have to be honest and tell ya: I also feel a little bit nervous about bearing my soul.  But excited! Yes, definitely excited! I, of course, would encourage you to head over here next month to pick up your very own issue but I assure you I will post something here, as well, so be sure to check back.

I now leave you with this:
A layout created for my friend with the fabulous new Kit by Pink Lotty (available at Deviant Scrap) in honor of this Sunday's celebration.

Happy Mother's Day All!


Christina said...

Congrats Amber! Can't wait to see your cover it will be fabulous!

peppapig said...

OO Brilliant Amber!!
Can't wait to see the cover you create it will be FANTASTIC!!!!

Jayne :-)