Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting down to the "Nitty Gritty"

It's funny to me that when I take an inventory of my life as far as where it stands in it's decorative form, my tendency as an interior decorator is to be attracted to the pure pretty simplicity of white, white and more white.  I wonder that that may just seem so boring but I realized it does play into my being an artist in that I see the world (and in the case the walls and surfaces of my house) as a blank canvas. The color to come secondary/complimentary to the white is usually black and then last but not least come the addition of natural earthy colors and textures.  My art pieces however are usually overflowing with the bright reds, spectacular golds and vibrant blues of an old side show or the landscape of a magical "Wonderland" full of color, sights and sounds.  Why that is, I can't say but I realize that one is not complete without the other and both are beautiful in their own right. 
Creating outside my usual tendency and within the realms of black and white was a bit of a challenge for me (and you will see that I couldn't resist throwing in just a smidge of color on this one; teehee).  Of course, it helps when you have fabulous images to play with.  
Thanks to my dear friend, Marsha of Tumble Fish Studio for this awesome collection of "Nitty Gritty" fun!