Monday, November 8, 2010

"I'm no angel but . . ."

 So I totally went the other direction with this but I couldn't help it.  This famous quote by the infamously naughty, Mae West was the first thing that came to mind:

"I'm no angel but I have spread my wings a bit." 
What a stinker she was. Love it!!!

This "skinny" was created for the all-new Take a Word challenge blog.  Don't know about it yet?
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Into a "Sea of Uncertainty" I go!

Sometimes to take chances in life even when we are uncertain about where our choice will lead us, we just have to dive right in. Often the things we do in life that really matter require us to tread into unchartered, sometimes rough waters. There may even be what appears to be the threat of danger, the things we fear most, looming by, above and behind us but we must be courageous and vigilant if we are to ever find what it is that is hidden beneath and beyond that uncertainty and fear. This layout is a page for my art journal:
After many long years of being afraid, I am now taking a chance on certain things, treading into foreign seas, uncertain of the outcome but confident about my choices to do so.

For full credits to this layout, see my main gallery here.