Monday, December 26, 2011

With the weekend's festivities over and my dear cousin put safely on a flight back home to the West Coast, I opted for some quiet, creative time for myself.  After spending so much time reminiscing in the past few days, I suppose I was feeling a bit nostalgic about my childhood.  I think that's why this page created itself as it did.  The adorable little lady featured is, alas, not me but I supposed I could live for a moment vicariously through her and my friend gets a special surprise out of it, as well. 

Lil' Luna Moth and her pet owl.
 For full credits to this piece, check out my gallery here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzzz!!!!!

We have been busy busy little bees here in my household this past couple of weeks.  
Here's what I've been up to:

I started about a month ago scouring local thrift stores for articles of clothing that I might transform into more period appropriate (1850's) attire for this year's Christmas in Little Falls celebration.  This year will mark the first time any of us dressed up in Dickens' style but we are hoping to start a trend that will take off in the years to come.  I created costumes for all of us and spent no more than maybe $30.00.  I'm so proud of how well they all turned out; most accomplished were our straw bonnets I made from simple inexpensive hats, scrap fabrics and trims.  UPCYCLING ROCKS!!

Things have also been a bit hectic around here getting adjusted to having a new member of the family.  Losing our sweet Topper was such a traumatic experience and some days I honestly feel that I will never fully get over it but also realized that there is enough love to go around and room still left in our hearts for another.  We saw this sweet face and could not resist . . .
Despite the craziness, I have managed to get some creating done.  I really love how both of these pieces turned out.  I see my art evolving and changing and I honestly start to think that maybe there are others out there who might enjoy my pieces as I do.  I have had a few inquiries by people looking to buy prints of my artwork and I wonder if I might give it a go and see what happens.  
Anyhoo!!! Here are my latest pieces; the first two created "just because", the third to highlight Tumble Fish Studios' latest and greatest kit.
Greta wasn't about to let anyone "STEAL THE SHOW"

I call this the "CIRQUE DU SOULEIL"
And now for a little fun at my very own expense . . .
For an explanation of this crazy colorful concoction, see my gallery here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tis the Season . . .

And Tumble Fish Studio has THREE 
(yes, you heard me right three!) new kits in the shoppe just for the occasion.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The sadness of the incomplete, the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art. (E. M. Forster)

Just a quick note to say that I am taking a little break from my art for a bit . . .
I have some healing and sorting through to do before I might be ready to create again.  I can't hardly tell which end is up and where I am right now.  We had to make the heart-wrenching decision to say goodbye to our beloved dog whom we considered to be not only a member of the family but one of the true highlights of our lives.  I can't hardly recall a single memory that he isn't in nor is there a single corner in my house that does not remind me of him; nearly every thought that comes to mind now finds its way connected to his memory. We all miss him so terribly!

I created this just three days before that fateful day.  A new kit was going to be released and I just knew that I wanted to make up something special to commemorate how much I love being with my  doggy.  Time spent with him is "the best of all".  Though I know it seems crazy, it was kind of my way of showing my love for him and what he had been going through.  I just felt so awful that he had been so sick and none of us (us or the vet) could figure out what was wrong and how to make it better.  We all thought we were going to get through it and he was on his way to being back to his sweet little ole self.  It was a complete shock when we found out there was no hope left and yet I realized something inside of me must have known.  I feel sad when I look upon this piece right now but I know in time I will be so glad that I created it.

I dedicate this post in loving memory of my Topper dog . . .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost back to normal but then again . . .

What exactly is normal?! And do I really want to be just normal?! Heehee . .  .
What I mean to say is that although it's not quite there (at least to me) I have done some work on getting my blog back to the more artsy theme it was and though I have some skewing to do, I think this will suffice for a bit. 
Be back soon to share some more!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, as you can "plainly" (quite literally) see, there have been some unforseen changes to my blog.  A simple case of pushing upon a prompt without realizing I had done so and here we have it . . . 
While I intend to get back in here at a later date and gussy it back up to look more like a creative individual inhabits this portion of cyber-space, for now, I simply had to post something.  It has been far too long (shame on me) and I have much to share on the creative front with you.

Here's what Ive been up since the last . . .

"For the Birds"

This layout is a stand against something I am currently very vested in.
It's something I think is absolutely "for the birds" and interestingly enough with a little compare and contrast research I discovered that the origin of this phrase in fact draws a direct correlation to what I'm fighting against.
Here it is:
Before the advent of cars, one could see and smell the "emissions" of horse drawn carriages in New York. Since there was no way of controlling these emissions, they (or the undigested oats in them) served to nourish a large population of English sparrows. If you said that something was for the birds, you’re politely saying that it is horse crap.
Hydro-fracking threatens our environment, our health and quite literally our right to even live and breathe.  The entire idea is most assuredly a load of crap!
"I keep dreaming about a better world where profit does not take precedence over human rights and human life!"-Trudi Styler (actor, producer, director, yogi, wife, mother)

"The Show of Contradiction"

As is always the case for me, with Halloween fast approaching, there appears to be a bitty part of me that pitter-patters with excitement!  It isn't the candy and it isn't the thought of dressing up but rather the influx of really really morbidly, deviantly, cool kits!  I think I've always had a little thing for the Gothic and the creepy, maybe even "Slightly Sinister". (a little clue of sorts, teehee)

Below are some of my Halloween inspired, layouts of a more creepy nature . . .
All created with some of the latest and greatest of Tumble Fish Studios' designs!
"Himrod's Spirits Shoppe"

Elvira was not your typical woman nor was Himrod’s your typical shoppe.

"One Giant Headache"
This little "skinny" Minnie was created for the Spooky Skinny challenge in this month's issue of the Deviant Muse.  If you haven't had the chance yet, I would swing by DS and get your copy.  Simply click on this link HERE. This month's artist of choice/muse is one of my ghoulish favorites!!

Be sure to visit my gallery for all the credits to the above layouts but to make it easier here are some of the kits you should be looking out for . . .

Oh and about that little clue above, though I rarely do this . . .
Here's a sneak peek of what's coming soon to the shoppe.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My latest "fishy" creations

Just checking in to share some of my latest pieces created with some of the latest from the Tumble Fish team . . .

Longfellow's Beauty

Magical Things

Captive Beauty
 This next one is a little out there but I was just so intrigued by this old french poster advertisement, I did a little research and then from there it just evolved.  What can I say? Guess I have a bit of a dark humor!

La Tete Decapitee (translation: The Decapited Head) 

All credits for the above layouts can be found in my gallery here.

Due in part to some things that have been weighing on my mind as of late (hydro-fracking in my state) and the things for which I feel strong in taking a stand against (saving the environment, respect for all creatures upon this planet), this piece came to fruition . . .

Just a quick preview of some of the incredible kits (my favorites) used in the above layouts:

the Chicks rule again!!!

Well, the 2nd annual Chicks show was a raving success! We had the most incredible assortment of some of the most talented and creative chicks that this side of New York has to offer.  Some of my favorites from the day? Here ya go  . . .

These are so fun! Necklace/Scarves created from reclaimed material (t-shirts, ribbon, you name it).  Made by the talented reclaimed clothing designer Brit Rose of Rosmari Brand.

This lovely lady is just a little something I whipped up to be my official greeter and business card holder.

Yum! What more can I say?! These darling delectables made by Candies and Cupcakes.

Madame Marie; an altered art doll of mine made from a vintage bottle and lots of scrap fabric, lace and jewels.  She was in my Etsy shoppe for quite awhile but never seem to get the proper audience.  I brought her with me hoping to find a home for her but alas, she still sits in my studio.

I call these "pine cone pretties".  So sweet.  Created by Jewel of Denile

I created this as an art piece to be featured in the Reclaimed Fashion Exhibit; an event I was involved in as part of the local Green Initiative Team efforts; something else I'm passionate about in addition to my art. 

My DD, Livy, made her debut in the show with her first public exhibition of her fashion design from sketch to completed design on the dress form.  This picture above is actually taken from the write-up in our local paper.  For more check out this link here and here.

How absolutely adorable are these little creatures made from discarded socks. The gals at Under the Green Umbrella have the cutest assortment of fun stuff made entirely from discards.  Their motto is one I adopt myself: "Be Green, Buy Local"

Another of my pieces: The Unlikely Vixen

We have one of these every year to welcome our guests.  We had twice as many vendors as last year and I'm sure twice as many visitors, as well.

My latest piece I'm working on; an altered Victorian photo.

Aside from all of the wonderful creations on display there was also some fun to be had . . .

My boy gettin' in on some hoopin' action!

And would you believe this is the only photo from the day that exists of me? Go figure! LOL  I was such a busy bee, I guess I didn't stay still long enough for anyone to snap a shot.  Heehee

All in all, it was a really fun event and I can't hardly wait for next year!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the COUNTDOWN begins . . .

It's that time again! Hooray!

As of today, we are, officially, 2 weeks an 5 days away from the 2nd annual Chicks Along the Canal show.  I am so excited for this year as we have all sorts of really great things planned.  I can't hardly believe how much it's grown from last year and I just know each year it is just going to get bigger and better.  I have had quite a bit of "real life" on my plate as of recently and so though I am a little disappointed that I won't have as big a collection of physical pieces to display, I am still so thrilled to be a part of all the fun.  Here's just a sample of some of the wonderful things there will be there to enjoy . . .

Our first ever Reclaimed Fashion Show 

featuring original reclaimed and recycled fashion designs by RosMari, the Persnickety Chick, and one of our youngest chicks, Livy Rose of the Vintage Rainbow.  Reclaimed jewelry and fashion accessories by the talented Richelle Hawkes of Shipwreck Dandy and the whimsical Betty Maple.
For more info you can check out our facebook page here

In addition to all the incredibly vendors we are also privileged to have special appearance by these fun gals . . .
CNY Roller Derby girlz (Utica Clubbers and Rome Wreckers)

the Merry Hoopsters

And treats provided by 

Who doesn't love a scrumptious cupcake brought to you in a vintage double-decker? Yummers!!!
Other vendors expected to attend are:
Kelly of the Painted Cottage . . .

Juli and Gail, mother-daughter team of the Mustard Seed fame . . .

Laura of Little Fish Photography (a personal good friend of mine who has such an amazing eye)

 Be sure to check out the Chicks' official website here for all the details.

While I will be spending my time with next month with the talented ladies (and others) mentioned above, here's what I've been up to right now . . .

Kids of the 3rd Dimension

Un Noveau Depart

My Fair Prince

Magic Show

Jumbo Giant Head Wash (vintage altered ad)

Sheila and Earl

All created from Tumble Fish Studio designs.  See my gallery for full credits here.