Friday, February 26, 2010

Could Mr. Groundhog have been mistaken?

This past week the weather has brought with it so many crazy adventures that I just had to scrap a crazy layout to go with it.  In fact, there has been so much craziness that it took two pages to do it!

These are intended for my altered art journal so naturally I did do some actual journaling at the bottom of the pages but as I always tend to do, I've loaded them both with many images that symbolize the craziness; the waiting up all night constantly checking the clock in anticipation for word from my husband stuck on the side of the road an hour away from home, the moon and stars mocking us, the downed electrical pole leaving us without power for a full night (another night) and the kids buried knee-deep in a whole two feet of the troublesome white stuff.  But oh what an adventure it's been!
This whole winter has really been such a bore, I say bring it on!  If Mr. Groundhog was not mistaken we have so little time left and this is after all what winter is all about.
Credits for these layouts are here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Local Exhibit

I recently set up a small exhibit of my mixed media art pieces (mostly assemblage) here in my town.  Just a little nook of a place; an adorable little book store set up in the historic Stone Mill.  Presently, I only have but a few pieces but my goal is to eventually accumulate enough for a display in the art gallery just across the bridge.
The lighting was a little off in there today and the photos are not of the finest quality but I thought I'd share them with you all anyway.  I'm so excited and feel so accomplished to have them in there.  Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birds of a feather . . .

do not always flock together.  Honestly, sometimes they just stand ready to peck each other's eyes out.  Graphic, I know, but some girls will stoop to anything to get what they want. That is precisely the look I see in Ethel's eyes and poor Hilda just wants nothing to do with it.  She can't help herself.  He's just such a hunk and everyone knows that there's just nothing as irresistible as a short-statured dove with an oversized noggin; heehee.
My submission for this week's Three Muses Challenge.

It reads:
Ethel kept her eyes firmly fixed on the prize.
She saw him first, he was hers and Hilda was not to have him.

Credits here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flower Power!

I was working on a layout for this month's Altered Hearts zine and loved what came out so much that I was inspired to create a new avatar for myself.  Perhaps, it's because Earth Day is nearly here but the "flower child" in me was just screaming to get out!