Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monterey Marie and a little Seaside Romance . . .

A skinny created from  French Paperwork, French Music and Something's Fishy by Tumble Fish Studio all available @ Deviant Scrap

And a little fun in honor of Love Day!!!

Dedicated to my husband of 16 years who is always such a good sport about sacrificing his head to my creative expression. (insert chuckle here)
 Credits for this crazy layout can be found in my gallery here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Been a little hectic around here the last couple of weeks.  Had a bout of Chicken Pox hit the household, followed by a rather large decision we made as a family and then back round to sickness in the household again this past week, this time a rather nasty cold. Haven't had much creative time due in some way to all of it! And so my blog posting has been lacking,  But I am back this evening for a quick update and upload of what I have been able to accomplish.  Haha

I call this piece the SUTSM an acronym for "Stay Under the Sea Mom" and play on the more popular and well known SAHM (stay at home mom); to express my plight as being the one who seems to have to handle just about everything!  Attempting to keep my sanity and my head above water despite it all. heehee

And so naturally next up will be my most recent altered art journal pages . . . a little therapy to keep me grounded and keep my focus.
Between you and me, still not sure I'm completely satisfied with this piece but I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that our words do indeed become our actions.  I have started writing down things in an effort to make them happen.  We are in for some big changes this year, I know it! 

And just to reinforce that thinking, I also am going after what I want with the belief that I will 
"leap and the net will appear"!  It's gotta, right?!

But before all the heavy thought came into play and the sniffles took over, there was the release of this fabulous VALENTINE'S KIT by Tumble Fish Studio.  Here's the sweet little darling I was able to create.
Isn't she just a "Valentine Dream"?
And how cute is this idea, in the new Deviant Muse issue.
An altered bird house.  I was so thrilled when Edeena asked me if Id like to contribute a sample . . .

  You can pick up your very own copy here.

Well, until next time then!

There are definitely big decisions in the making and announcements to be made so I promise to be back to fill you all in.
Oh except for this one thing:

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