Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the COUNTDOWN begins . . .

It's that time again! Hooray!

As of today, we are, officially, 2 weeks an 5 days away from the 2nd annual Chicks Along the Canal show.  I am so excited for this year as we have all sorts of really great things planned.  I can't hardly believe how much it's grown from last year and I just know each year it is just going to get bigger and better.  I have had quite a bit of "real life" on my plate as of recently and so though I am a little disappointed that I won't have as big a collection of physical pieces to display, I am still so thrilled to be a part of all the fun.  Here's just a sample of some of the wonderful things there will be there to enjoy . . .

Our first ever Reclaimed Fashion Show 

featuring original reclaimed and recycled fashion designs by RosMari, the Persnickety Chick, and one of our youngest chicks, Livy Rose of the Vintage Rainbow.  Reclaimed jewelry and fashion accessories by the talented Richelle Hawkes of Shipwreck Dandy and the whimsical Betty Maple.
For more info you can check out our facebook page here

In addition to all the incredibly vendors we are also privileged to have special appearance by these fun gals . . .
CNY Roller Derby girlz (Utica Clubbers and Rome Wreckers)

the Merry Hoopsters

And treats provided by 

Who doesn't love a scrumptious cupcake brought to you in a vintage double-decker? Yummers!!!
Other vendors expected to attend are:
Kelly of the Painted Cottage . . .

Juli and Gail, mother-daughter team of the Mustard Seed fame . . .

Laura of Little Fish Photography (a personal good friend of mine who has such an amazing eye)

 Be sure to check out the Chicks' official website here for all the details.

While I will be spending my time with next month with the talented ladies (and others) mentioned above, here's what I've been up to right now . . .

Kids of the 3rd Dimension

Un Noveau Depart

My Fair Prince

Magic Show

Jumbo Giant Head Wash (vintage altered ad)

Sheila and Earl

All created from Tumble Fish Studio designs.  See my gallery for full credits here.


~x said...

Great Blog! Yes the countdown is here what a time we are going to have!

~x said...

Great Post! Yes - the countdown is here - what a time we will have!

RosMari Brand said...

I really can't wait!! I am SO excited!! And thanks again so much for mentioning me!!