Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, as you can "plainly" (quite literally) see, there have been some unforseen changes to my blog.  A simple case of pushing upon a prompt without realizing I had done so and here we have it . . . 
While I intend to get back in here at a later date and gussy it back up to look more like a creative individual inhabits this portion of cyber-space, for now, I simply had to post something.  It has been far too long (shame on me) and I have much to share on the creative front with you.

Here's what Ive been up since the last . . .

"For the Birds"

This layout is a stand against something I am currently very vested in.
It's something I think is absolutely "for the birds" and interestingly enough with a little compare and contrast research I discovered that the origin of this phrase in fact draws a direct correlation to what I'm fighting against.
Here it is:
Before the advent of cars, one could see and smell the "emissions" of horse drawn carriages in New York. Since there was no way of controlling these emissions, they (or the undigested oats in them) served to nourish a large population of English sparrows. If you said that something was for the birds, you’re politely saying that it is horse crap.
Hydro-fracking threatens our environment, our health and quite literally our right to even live and breathe.  The entire idea is most assuredly a load of crap!
"I keep dreaming about a better world where profit does not take precedence over human rights and human life!"-Trudi Styler (actor, producer, director, yogi, wife, mother)

"The Show of Contradiction"

As is always the case for me, with Halloween fast approaching, there appears to be a bitty part of me that pitter-patters with excitement!  It isn't the candy and it isn't the thought of dressing up but rather the influx of really really morbidly, deviantly, cool kits!  I think I've always had a little thing for the Gothic and the creepy, maybe even "Slightly Sinister". (a little clue of sorts, teehee)

Below are some of my Halloween inspired, layouts of a more creepy nature . . .
All created with some of the latest and greatest of Tumble Fish Studios' designs!
"Himrod's Spirits Shoppe"

Elvira was not your typical woman nor was Himrod’s your typical shoppe.

"One Giant Headache"
This little "skinny" Minnie was created for the Spooky Skinny challenge in this month's issue of the Deviant Muse.  If you haven't had the chance yet, I would swing by DS and get your copy.  Simply click on this link HERE. This month's artist of choice/muse is one of my ghoulish favorites!!

Be sure to visit my gallery for all the credits to the above layouts but to make it easier here are some of the kits you should be looking out for . . .

Oh and about that little clue above, though I rarely do this . . .
Here's a sneak peek of what's coming soon to the shoppe.

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