Friday, August 27, 2010

Gracie has found a home!

Gracie, the Little Mermaid (a mixed media assemblage

My very favorite of all of my assemblage/shadow box pieces that I have created is my "Little Mermaid".  She has been on my Etsy page since the very beginning, the first piece to ever be listed and I always hoped secretly that she wouldn't sell.  I almost couldn't bear the thought that she would be shipped to some unknown place to reside in someone unknown's home.  As fate would have it, she had yet to sell in that first month and   I made the decision to bring her with me to the Chicks Along the Canal show earlier this month.   It was there that Kim of the whimsical little bead shop here in town first spotted her.  It's been two weeks since that show and just the other day I received a message from her that she saw her there, fell in love and knew she absolutely must have her.  Though a tad bit sad to see her go, I couldn't have been more thrilled to have her go to such a wonderful place.  I have always felt there is some magical quality about my little Gracie and so am so excited to think of her on display in such a magical little place.

Fall Hill Bead and Gem Shop-Little Falls, NY

Click here for an amazing indepth look at this great little place 


Gracefully Vintage said...

That is the most amzing store front i love it, and so need to send you a picture to do a cute print- so whimsy ..

Amber Tabangay said...

Please feel free to email me at or you can also get a hold of my through my facebook page; there's also some of my latest altered art custom portraits to browse through on there.