Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We are moving!

We have been approved for our dream home in our favorite little upstate town. We never thought we'd find another home where we would feel so . . . well, at home. It is a beautiful Italianate style Victorian built in 1856 by Col. James Monroe, Esq. He is the President James Monroe's namesake and nephew. Saw an original picture postcard of the house today from abt. circa 1860 and interestingly enough the house looks as we envisioned it. We thought the only thing missing was a front porch and coinidentally it originally did have one; a great big beautiful one. So it is our hope in addition to putting the original front doors back on to build a porch just as it once was. Can't wait to decorate the inside as well. I apologize for the pictures in the slideshow that feature the present owner's things inside but I was so anxious to share all of its beauty with all of you, I just couldn't wait! I, of course, will update these when we get our things in there and are all situated. We are anticipating moving in by the end of June. In the meantime, I've a bunch to do!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Your home looks wonderful. Congratulations.