Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sisters with Attitude, Stand Proud, We HAVE Arrived!!!

Woot woot!!! 
I am so excited to announce that after months of waiting, the SISTERS OF ATTITUDE project (led by our fearless and hardworking leader, Trudi Sissons of Two Dresses Studio and in association with Craft Attitude) has officially gone live!

I was so flattered to be asked to be a part of this fearless, creative, and oh so inspirational team of artists to be included.  All of the girls on the Tumble Fish Studio creative team are so wicked talented and I pinch myself almost daily to ensure that it isn't simply some crazy dream that I am on this team with them.  Been over a year now that I have been privileged to create alongside them and they continue to inspire me (besides being just about the kindest, most humble, supportive people I know).  

This latest project is for sure one of the highlights of my creative year.

I am a bit late in getting in here to post about this so the project is actually already on Day Three and so far three artists have been featured on both the Craft Attitude website and Facebook page.

Here they are:
By Jayne Alexander (Blog -

By Mary Bailey (Blog -

By Nancy Baumiller (Blog -

From now on, I will be posting daily as each fabulous artist (and friend) is featured.
I can't wait for my turn!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your unbridled enthusiasm Amber! What an added benefit it has been for me to get to know you better through this project!