Sunday, October 27, 2013

And the Sisters keep on comin . . .

Well, despite my absence the "Sisters with Attitude" keep on making their appearances.
I am so proud of all of these gals!  What a treat to see so  much talent from all over the world!

In no particular order, if you haven't had a chance to check out that link for the Craft Attitude project I previously shared, here are some more of these darling talented gals' creations . . .

Our Queen Sister of the challenge, the one who started it all:
 Artist – Trudi Sissons
From – Alberta, Canada
Blog -
Image Credits –

by the daring, darling Miss Dale Bradshaw Botha

by the marvelous Melissa Hines
From: Texas, USA
Image Credits:

by the industriously creative Donna B Miller
From: Kentucky,USA
Image Credits:

The Fantabulous Fiona Randall
From: Leicester, United Kingdom
Image Credits:

The Terribly Terrific Tracey Parker

By our very own cut and paste queen, our
Renee Stien
From - Minnesota, USA
Blog -
Image Credits -

 Mixed media maven, Marion Bockelmann
From - Münster, Germany
Blog -
Image Credits -

the sister with the MOST attitude
(after all I gotta live up to the Persnickety Chick title, don't I?)

from the humble little upstate city of Little Falls, New York
you already have my blog link, heehee
but here's the link to my new site:
The funny thing is, I ran into all sorts of setbacks working on this project but I always considered it such a privilege to even be a part of it.  I knew I had to do whatever was necessary to join my fellow sisters in getting this done. In the end, I came up with three takes on a similar design (and the same wonderful TFS gal with attitude).  I never intended that all three be submitted but am so glad they all were!  

Thank you Trudi Sissons for this wonderful opportunity to allow all of us in the Tumble Fish Studio Sisterhood to shine so brightly! And thank you to our wonderful fearless team leader, Marsha! I think I speak for us all in saying how much we love and value you both. 

STAY TUNED as there is more crafty creativity coming your way!!


*all of these can be seen in larger detail on the Craft Attitude facebook page here.

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