Sunday, May 5, 2013

Naughty Naughty!!

I have been such a bad, bad blogger!

I did not even realize how much time has passed since my last blog post.  Think I may have just gotten caught up in that vast social network known as Facebook, is all, but"Shame on me!"  I will need to see how it is I can spread myself just a tad bit thinner to make room for my dear ole faithful blog.  AND if you happen to be here now but tend to spend more time in Facebook-Land, be sure to visit me there too:

(Be sure check out the end of this post for links to some of my other favorite spots I am spending my time these days . . .)

So, seeing as it's been three long months since I have posted here's what I have been up to:

Via the wonderful designs of Tumble Fish Studio I have been able to dabble in both

"Shades of Green"

Though not my conscious intention, my intuition clearly guided this piece and it took on a whole Zen sort of symbolism with the butterfly and "Empty Bowl".


"Shades of Purple"

"Miss Violette" does allow her love (or shall we say obsession?)  for the color purple to get away from her at times!            

This little lady got to show off her new glasses quite proudly. 
How typical! Or rather shall I say: "how optical!" (heehee).
A journal card titled "An Optical Story"

 While this one, with the help of inspiration from the late great Georges Méliès, got to show those elements clearly who's boss!

Queen Elemental; an ATC

I, the Persnickety Chick, also had the fun of 
participating in a bit of artsy fartsy fun . . .

First: the April ATC swap under the theme "Eye of the Beholder:
"If we all could see the world through eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything" -Chee Vai Tang

And this month, one of my very favorites:

As part of the Deviant Scrap birthday celebration challenges, an altered portrait of my 2nd great grandmother . . .

"Little Lotte"- I had so much fun with this gal and am so proud of how she turned out!

I have also been working on some personal projects on the side.  I began work on my first ever altered art book/art journal.

Page two and three of my journal. The left page will contain my journaling and I will be filling in words of importance in the swirls of the tree, my Tree of Life.
This spread showcases the house of my dreams (quite literally based on a dream I had full of symbolism.)

Was enjoying the process so much, at the request of some friends I decided to hold a little workshop/art night at my house. 

Here I am getting my hands "dirty" prepping the pages beforehand.

We had so much fun and the girls really embraced the whole experience.  Even going to make it a regular thing now!

On my own, when I do manage to find some downtime (between my CT work, commissions, my little job at the health food store, and the blog I run with my cousin), I continue to work on my own art journal therapy pages, as well.  Perhaps, if I can get my butt back here before too much time passes, I will do a feature on those.  Until then  . . .

Love, light, and peace to all!!!!
Keep on creating!!! There is a creative being inside of us all!

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