Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Once Upon a Time . . .

Once upon a time there was the most amazing designer collaboration ever brought to life in the most sacred of all deviant artistic realms of the universe!
It promised sheer creative power in the form of the most fantastical kits by the greatest of all of the designers in the Deviant Scrap Dot Com world!

It's size too numerous to calculate and its beauty, something which must be seen to be believed!

This post alone can only hold a preview of the goodness to be found.

From the enchanted Tumble Fish Studio

And as an esteemed member (we all are!) of the Tumble Fish Studio creative team, I was privy to put it's magic into effect to create this fairy tale maiden:

She is a follow-up piece of sorts to an earlier piece I did with a sweet girl and her fair froggy prince.
Perhaps this is them, so many many years later. She has aged and perhaps she's a little plumper. He remains his froggy self but she maintains her love for him all the same. 

Here is the earlier piece, also created with magical goodies from Tumble Fish Studio.  Click HERE to see just what sort of magic was used.

And for those who dare, there is even more magical goodness to be bestowed:

THIS incredible bonus kit can be yours!

Well, what are you waiting for?  It isn’t as if you’ve got forever?  Oh wait! Perhaps you do but why wait another moment to start your happily ever after?

Simply close your eyes, think happy thoughts, and Click HERE.

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