Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Shame!

I am so behind in my posting and have so much to catch up on with this post!

This past month has had me trying to keep up with all of the incredible kits flying into the shoppe over at Deviant Scrap and though it has kept me on my toes (being new, adjusting to the life of a CT member, heehee) it has been a whirlwind of creative fun. 
Check out the latest that Tumble Fish Studio has to offer:
These little winged beauties just melt my heart . . .

And who doesn't cherish a collection of their "favorite pieces"?

I suppose it would seem obvious the direction I would go with either one of these beautiful kits; something spiritually uplifting, ethereal, maybe?  Or perhaps a tribute to an altered gussied-up tribute to grandma?
Well, truth is, my head has been a bit elsewhere lately and I was just really feeling the need to create a little something for me.  Being at the precipice of a rather big decision, I just felt the need for a little art therapy to clear my mind and make my path visible; a little something to reinforce the need to push onward and stay focused. I was no doubt able to use goodies from both  
Winged Splendor and Favorite Pieces (as well as a few other little TFS trinkets.
Here is my art journal page chronicling my new found perception of change as being a good thing, having the courage to embrace it, act on it, and in the end hold in my hear the belief  that all will work out!

And in case you missed out on last week's arrivals . . .
The "Divas" made their debut:
With so many glorious heads to choose from how could I ever pick just one?
Don't they always say that Two are better than One and don't you agree: freaky can be beautiful!

And my personal favorite:
A little "Odd Magic" and a splash of "Dark Glow"

and you get Sideshow attraction #2- the Wilkins Family of Asheville, North Carolina.  Teehee

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