Friday, April 22, 2011

Not much time to play lately!

OR work! On my artsy stuff that is. 
Things, life in general, and icky health issues have been in the way a bit lately but I managed to get at least a little playtime this month.
Last month I participated in the physical paste and paper ATC swap at Deviant Scrap and had the pleasure of sharing one of my creations with my inspiration, friend and deviant muse, Hollie Harradon (of Holliewood Studios fame).  This month I went digital and got the opportunity to create one of the things I love best.
Here's my gal:
the Queen of Arts . . .

I also scrapped this AAM layout as a result (and a tad bit I admit in retaliation to) of a misunderstanding I had with a family member.  I strive to live my life to get along with everyone and to never offend whenever it's possible but something I've learned as of late (and that I am still working on keeping in mind) is that none of us can control anyone's elses reactions nor are we responsible for their feelings.  In the end, all that matters is our intention and if our intention is good, that's all that matters.  My efforts are in living a life where my intention is always positive, always good, love always my aim.

Lo and behold, it has that total hippie vibe that so personifies my philosophy in life! Dont'cha just love my groovy outfit?  One of Hollie's latest creations! Loved the first one and this 2nd edition totally rocks too. 
You can find it here.

Been hangin' quite a bit with my gals at Deviant Scrap lately and been privileged to work on a few upcoming projects with them.  They are all such "my cup a tea" and am just so tickled that they have asked my to put my creativity to work for them.  Don't want to spoil the surprise but be sure to check out the May issue of the Deviant Muse coming soon. 

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