Friday, February 26, 2010

Could Mr. Groundhog have been mistaken?

This past week the weather has brought with it so many crazy adventures that I just had to scrap a crazy layout to go with it.  In fact, there has been so much craziness that it took two pages to do it!

These are intended for my altered art journal so naturally I did do some actual journaling at the bottom of the pages but as I always tend to do, I've loaded them both with many images that symbolize the craziness; the waiting up all night constantly checking the clock in anticipation for word from my husband stuck on the side of the road an hour away from home, the moon and stars mocking us, the downed electrical pole leaving us without power for a full night (another night) and the kids buried knee-deep in a whole two feet of the troublesome white stuff.  But oh what an adventure it's been!
This whole winter has really been such a bore, I say bring it on!  If Mr. Groundhog was not mistaken we have so little time left and this is after all what winter is all about.
Credits for these layouts are here.


Effie said...

Crazy weather this side of the pond you say it is winter.. but roll on spring!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok So I LOVE your BLog, and LOVE those altered pics, I WANT one.. TOO CUte.. You are a great artist..
WIll Follow you for more.. But need to know how to get one of those with our family... Karryann