Sunday, January 24, 2010

I scored!!!

Had some errands to run in the big city (Utica) tonight and whilst doing those errands came across a place I had never seen before.  Intrigued by the inclusion of the words "bargain outlet" in its name and curious to see just what sort of bargains were awaiting me, I decided to take a peek inside.  There were many things that caught my interest but none so much as these:

And I got them for the incredible price of $5.99! I think I scored!
I cannot wait to get started on trying out some of these fabulous techniques.  And with Teesha Moore and Lynn Perella for inspiration, it's sure to be fun.


Effie said...

Fab!... don't you just love a bargain!

LME said...

Lucky you :)

I have the house book I love it.

Christina said...

Hmmm...where is this secretive place your talking about??