Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things are on the move . . .

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to explain where I've been all this time . . . First of all, I am nearly all moved in to my new house and cannot wait to get started on researching the history. What I do know is that my home was built by James Monroe, Esq. the nephew and namesake to our 5th President of the United States. His daughter and her husband are also listed on the original title under his name. She is a bit of a local celebrity over here and her son married Teddy Roosevelt's little sister. Neat, huh? Can't wait to find out more and will definitely be providing you all with updates.

On another note: I have completed my 3 month run with the gals over at the O. I have to say that I will miss it a bit but there are so many other things going on in my life to keep me busy these days. One of my goals is to get back over here and get this blog updated and looking better so be sure to check back in. I have all kinds of stuff in mind. Now to find the time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ber!

So excited about your new home and the neato history! Your blog already looks great but I am excited to see what you add onto it :)

Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog Amber. I admit I am not a voracious reader (too much on my plate these days) but I love to drop by occasionally. Love that you and Erika wrote a screenplay about her ancestors too.
Good luck to you both on the screenplays and the move. Your home looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

You have been tagged over at my blog! :) Check it out: