Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm back!

Well, as is usually the case this time of the year (end of the year), my life was chocked full of all sorts of activity that didn't really afford me much creative time though I must say that I am very grateful for the biggest of those distractions: my family.  We were able to fly out to California in December for an extended stay but it took a bit of rearranging with my work schedule at my "job" which meant extra shifts and such. Not to mention that my workload here at home has intensified as we work towards getting our house ready to put on the market; lots of little projects that need to be done.  But I continue to crave my creative time and I suppose I manage to find satisfaction in creating where I can; even if it only be in the pattern of my spackling or the strokes of the paintbrush painting that upstairs bathroom.  heehee

It's also been super cold here which is never a good thing for me.  I am so ready to move onto milder, warmer pastures. I think my one of my newest Tumble Fish Studio layouts makes that clear.

Totally been feeling like I'm trapped in an ice cube 24 hours a day! haha
Created with the new Winter Junque kit available here.

So for now, we do what we can to put ourselves in a better position should opportunity knock and continue to hold out hope for something more like this . . . .

A piece I created a few months back.  CREDITS can be found here.  
So December was busy and January's been downright frigid.  I wonder what February will hold . . .

Created this little "Valentine Beauty" with a combination of two of Tumble Fish Studios' newest arrivals

Warm winter wishes, valentine greetings and oh yes. I almost forgot:
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

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