Sunday, September 16, 2012

So, I'm still here!  
Still longing for a change.
Still holding out hope.
Still waiting for my dreams to come true.  
Still "ME"!
Dreamer, Believer, and sometimes total Over-Achiever! haha

Though it may be plain to see, for more of an explanation on this piece see the end of this post.*

It seems these days that I am still trying to find the balance between letting go enough to just let things unfold as they will, patieintly standing by, maintaining hope, despite my mind's protests, that the desires of my heart will come to fruition AND the need to be in control, pushing things forward in my haste to just be there already!  It is and has been a learning experience as I guess LIFE typically is; one long journey to find ourselves, to find that place where we feel we belong, where it just feels right, where we are finally at peace within ourselves.  Kinda deep, I know, but I have been very aware as of late of being on this path and it's made me very excited for what awaits us all.  Patience and practicality are not my strong suits (perhaps that is my lesson to be learned) and there are days when I simply feel I cannot wait any longer!  I am comfortable in my "dreamer" skin and excited at the prospects that lie ahead and I think that my art most of all reflects that.  My latest pieces certainly do and looking back over the years, I realized that the path I have been on is also evident.  That means so much to me, to have not only chronicled my journey of ups and downs and growth as an individual but to have shared it with so many.  We are all on a journey and how wonderful it is to have one another to share it with. 
I am so grateful for all of you!! 

*A tribute to my wonderful hubby and how well we always manage to balance one another out. ♥
Me, the dreamer full of hope always jumping ahead without a care and he the practical analytical one.  So glad we have each other to rub off on.  heehee

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