Saturday, August 4, 2012

A midnight reverie and chicks along the canal . . .

One week countdown to the annual Chicks Along the Canal event and I am both excited and a bit flustered. Every year, I, and my fellow creative Chicks, plan and plan and yet don't really plan at all.  I think we all tend to be those crazy creative types who are inherently busy with our own stuff and really do work best under pressure.  But I gotta tell ya, despite the fact that we really just "wing it" , each year gets better and better!

This year marks our 3rd year and each year I try to come up with a little something that sets the year apart from the last.  In honor of our growth and the great expansion of our popularity, I have opened a BLOG for us. 

Though I wish you all could come for the fun, perhaps you might pretty please pay us a visit on the web?
(We will also be getting our own Pinterest account as well as a new channel on You Tube so stay tuned. )

The fabulous designers at Deviant Scrap (my digital scrap home) have been very busy creating a collective collaboration kit for a bit now.  Those of us on the creative teams were privy to the info that it would be released to the public on the 2nd and after seeing the previews I was in such dire expectation for the reveal of all of them.
As if that wasn't enough to be excited over,
then there was this fabulous mini-video by the very talented Marta Van Eck . . .

Here is what I created using just Tumble Fish Studios' portion . . .

AND the rest of the kits are just
See for yourself . . . HERE

AND best part of all:

Not sure where to start?  Check out the gallery while you're there for some Midnight Reverie inspiration.  Here are just a few of my favorites from my "oh so talented" friends and colleagues.

Dreamer by Hollie

Butterfly Dancer by Jayne

Enchanted by Ani

By Renee

This one is one of my absolute favorites too, though I'm not sure who it belongs to 
(a member of the Holliewood Studios creative team as it was a sample for her kit)

And last but not least this fabulous creation by my friend Tracey:

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