Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pinned "official" and so grateful!

Well, I guess I have officially arrived!
Not just one but two of my pieces are making the rounds on Pinterest and best of all are being put into albums marked as "Art Inspiration". 
Could it be?! 
Me, an inspiration?!

I also awoke to 11 new "likes" on my Persnickety Chick facebook page.  Most of it I owe to my new friend, Belle West (aka Donna Leuhrs).  Thank You!

This is the piece she shared.  I have to admit it is probably one of my favorites.
So totally ME, head in the clouds, conferring with the Man on the Moon, gazing into my Magic Mirror at my dreams, wishing with all my heart that what I see in that image will come true!

And the snippet of song lyrics that I used have double meaning to me; not only am I dreamer and proud of it, knowing that I am always in the best of company amongst others like me but because I do believe that dreams come true, the little AND the big!
We can have a world motivated by peace and acceptance, a world free of judgement, a world free of war and violence if only we can stop living in fear, have the courage to believe and chase after our dreams with purpose and courage and LOVE, without fear there is only LOVE!

So, this piece does have such meaning for me and I guess I should be proud at the fact that others love it so and are inspired by it and though I am entirely and utterly flattered in every way you can be, truth be told:  I find it all a little overwhelming.  Like now there's this pressure to actually be good at what I do.  I have so much fun with my art but I know that it is far from perfect.  And maybe that's okay 'cause it's art and the art world is a forgiving place.  I just don't know that I have ever really thought of myself as good at what I do.  It's just ME, expressing myself!  

Well, regardless . . .
It is very apparent to me that I owe so much gratitude to all of my friends in the art community: new and old.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you , for believing in me and supporting me as you do!!!

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