Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come one, come all to the famous Hippodrome!!!

A few years back while my writing partner Erika and I were researching for one of our screenplays, we came across this great story.
The subject of the story was a magician and the story of one of his most famous vanishing acts he had ever performed.

It involved making a full grown 8ft. 6000 pound Asian elephant disappear. It was quite a feat, unlike anything ever attempted before and made this particular magician quite famous. This incredible act debuted on January 7th, 1918 on the glamorous stage of the NYC Hippodrome theater and was coordinated by a prestigious  producer by the name of Charles Bancroft Dillingham.  Though not as well known as his contemporaries, Charles Frohman and Lorenz Ziegfeld, Mr. Dillingham was responsible for bringing many soon-to-be stars to the Broadway stage.  

The magician was none other than Harry Houdini and his star, the elephant: Miss Jennie.
Though I'm unsure whether Jennie ever performed in other facets of the show (such as being ridden by a starlet) I knew when I saw the elephant in Tumble Fish Studio's Wild Things kit that I wanted to highlight her. So I present to you . . .

Dolly and Jennie of the famous Hippodrome Theater!

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