Sunday, April 22, 2012

A layout featuring my grandmother Mary Lynn as a little girl with her mother, Marie.  I originally created this because I somehow remembered being told that my grandmother's family were Dutch and I couldn't resist when I saw all the wonderful elements in this kit to be put to good use.  
And I think my gramma is just darling in her little outfit and clogs!  Only thing is: I discovered that what I was told wasn't entirely accurate.  Oh well! I'm still happy to have them immortalized in one of my pieces.  

This piece is one of those pieces that just sorta flowed right outta me~
It is ME 
(yet again, I swear I am not entirely self-centered! haha)
and it was created as a visual reminder not to let go of my dream, my "heart's wish" to live the life I envision for myself in the place where I feel most at peace, most connected, and happiest. No matter how much time it takes, I know that I will be there one day! 
And to serve as a marker of time, I have bestowed upon my head a crown of dreadlocks.  
I have wanted dreads for as long as I can remember.  They are, to me, the best of two things I admire most: natural uncomplicated beauty and the ultimate expression of individuality and confidence.  

I honestly thought I had missed my chance to ever have them but thanks to a talented artist friend of mine, I was able to try some on.  The piece above was created before I actually had them put in so here I am in my hand dyed, custom made for me extensions . . .

They feel like such a natural extension of who I am!! 

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