Saturday, February 12, 2011


So with the Altered Hearts zine currently on hold and with so much of just "life" (work, the kids, volunteer work, etc) happening, I honestly haven't had much time for creating; scrap art, that is.  Life itself is a creation, each moment, your invention.  At least that's how I see it.   Point is, I've really been itching to get my hands dirty in all of my favorite messes. What I wouldn't give for some gesso and alcohol ink wedged under my nails or a bit of mica indelibly stuck to my forehead for a week; hahaha.  Gonna make it my personal goal to get back into my studio really soon before it kills me.  Actually had an artist friend of mine say to me today that he realizes when other things in life feel outta whack, it usually means he's not connecting with his creative side enough. I have to agree!

Also, to my credit, I hurt  my hand pretty bad a couple weeks ago and it's only now starting to feel normal again.  I did manage to participate in a swap with my dear gal pals at Deviant Scrap, and just yesterday mailed out an ATC to a friend who I know will be very happy to receive it.  I cannot wait for her to see it!!! I've snapped a pic of it but will wait to post it until she for sure receives it.  Don't wanna spoil her surprise.

As far as digital scrapping goes, I did recently attempt to step outta my usual style a bit and with the inspiration of the very talented Kelly Rae Roberts, fashioned this layout  . . .

 "Ode to a Muse"

By the way:  have you seen these?

Thank you Kelly, and all of my wonderful friends, artists and muses who continue to inspire me even when "life" gets in the way and my art must take a back seat, if for just a little while.   Be back soon!


Ophelia said...

I hope that you get back to feeling like yourself again soon with your hand...I do love your swap page...really beautiful!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Awwww. I hope your hand is better. We tend to take our digits for granted but boy, oh boy, life is hard when they don't work. Love your whimsical piece! Such a fun style to step out of the box with! And those checks - yummy and so well done!