Saturday, August 29, 2009

I have found my calling! (?)

Maybe? Not sure but . . .

Recently, it has become quite clear to me that where I feel most at home in the world of Art is in among that group of truly brilliant and creative, or just brilliantly creative individuals who aren't afraid to dabble in it all and limit themselves only to their imagination's. I'm talking about those who aren't afraid to raise the quirk value, balance on the edge of creative insanity, and express themselves in every right. I have decided that I want to be a mixed media artist when I grow up. For now, in my heart it is what I am. What talent there is in me remains to be seen but I am going to give it my best and we shall see.
In this endeavor, I have been scouring the web looking for opportunities to share in this quirky little community of artists, learn as much as I possibly can and at the start, just really try to have fun with it.
Below are two of my newest digital creations intended to mimic the real thing . . .

And here is a sneak peek at a little project I am working on-

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